Hydragas & Hydrolastic service in Birmingham

M Cooper Motor repairs Birmingham have decades of experience with the hydrolastic and hydragas systems fitted to early Minis, Austin, MG and Rover Metros, Rover 100s and the MGF.

We offer a full hydragas service including:

  • Suspension pump up service for £35 (top-up)
  • Complete drain of existing fluid and replacement with fresh fluid
  • Vacuum pump to remove air in the system
  • Replacement of hydragas suspension units
  • Replacement of hydragas pipework and valves
  • Lowering, stiffening & individualising

Birmingham Hydragas service

If your Mini, Metro, Rover 100 or MGF needs one of our hydrolastic or hydragas services in the Birmingham area call us for a free quote on 0121 647 3670 / 07967 631149