Waxoyl options from M Cooper Motor Repairs Birmingham

Rustproofing, underbody and cavity protection of your vehicle is very important to encourage long life and corrosion prevention without expensive repair work. In the UK high use of road salt requires regular underside cleaning and protection. Waxoyl treatment should be carried out every 3 to 5 years. M Cooper Motor repairs will inspect your car, van, 4×4 vehicle or truck to advise on best course of action to protect or rectify any corrosion or other problems with your vehicle.

Basic Waxoyl Protection

All Vehicles: £125
– Health check
– Strip corrosion
– Bonda Zinc Primer
– Chassis & underbody Waxoyl protection.

Full Waxoyl Protection

Medium Vehicle: £245 | Large Vehicle: £320
In addition to the basic service:
– All cavities, frames & box sections protected
– Running gear axles & suspension protected
– Door cavities protected

Free Corrosion Health Check

Every vehicle that is booked in for a Waxoyl treatment will get a free health check to confirm that all is well with your vehicle. This will give reassurance to you that the body of your vehicle is corrosion free and free from safety issues. If there are any concerns about work that may be required we’re happy to advise the best course of action.

Waxoyl Service, Chassis, Bulkhead, Cavity, Box Section & Door Frame Injection.

Prices from £125

Once the surface areas have been prepared and any corrosion has been removed and treated with Bonda Zinc Primer, our wax protection is heated to the correct application temperature and injection sprayed on the under side of your vehicle. Our underbody chassis protection service is £125. You can specify whether you want all of your vehicle’s various cavities, frames and box sections, running gear axles and suspension treating and we remove door cards and lay clear waxoyl in the door frames to help discourage long term corrosion issues. This is available at a cost of £245 for small & medium cars and £320 for large cars and 4X4 vehicles.

Chassis & Subframe Shot Blasting-Repairs-Replacement & Powder Coating

If there is concern that chassis-underbody repairs are required we have a welding service enabling corroded areas to be cut out and neatly replaced prior to repainting and waxoyl treatment. We can remove components such as subframes, chassis, suspension beams and struts for shot blasting and powder coating

Protect your vehicle now...

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